让你了解恐龙的真相和乐趣吧, 了解曾经统治地球的爬行动物.

自从它们在19世纪被首次发现以来, 恐龙激发了儿童和成人的想象力.

Explore the history of these prehistoric reptiles and find out how Museum science continues to reveal insights about 恐龙长什么样子,它们是怎么生活的.

观看恐龙视频,参加真实赌钱App下载的测试 找出你最像哪种恐龙 尝试真实赌钱App下载的恐龙工艺品和儿童活动(和大孩子).

Introduction to dinosaurs

Dino Directory


Browse our top five or explore more than 300 dinosaurs by name, shape or when and where they lived.

What did dinosaurs look like?

看看科学家们正在研究恐龙的颜色, how our understanding of dinosaurs' appearance continues to change and how palaeoartists create realistic reconstructions.

Studying dinosaurs

探索科学家如何了解恐龙, meet some of the Museum's dinosaur hunters and find out how to pursue your passion for palaeontology.

Mission Jurassic dino dig

真实赌钱App下载的古生物学家最近加入了一个在美国的国际团队, to dig for dinosaurs and other Jurassic animals and plants that lived around 150 million years ago.




探索一个关于真实赌钱App下载专家到怀俄明州冒险的互动故事, USA, 当他们在寻找侏罗纪恐龙的时候.


Find out how well you'd get along on a dino dig to search for famous Jurassic dinosaurs such as Brachiosaurus.


Dinosaur extinction

这可能是有史以来最著名的大灭绝. 但你知道吗,有些恐龙至今仍与真实赌钱App下载同在?

Dinosaur discoveries

这个真实赌钱App下载收藏了世界上最重要的文物之一 dinosaur collections.

Through fieldwork and studying dinosaur fossils here and in collections around the world, Museum palaeontologists 这对恐龙的饮食和行为有帮助吗. 了解他们的工作和其他有趣的恐龙发现.


Dinosaurs gallery

Roarrr. 与真实赌钱App下载里一些最著名的恐龙面对面.

The world's most complete Stegosaurus skeleton

Find out more about the 最新展出的恐龙 at the Museum.

Dippy the Diplodocus

The famous Diplodocus cast will be 将于2022年回到真实赌钱App下载 after a recent tour around the UK.

探索这个标志性展览的历史 examine Dippy's skull in 3D to see what it tells us about the lifestyle and appearance of the Jurassic dinosaur.

Dippy the Diplodocus 3D skull

Can you find Dippy's nostrils? What feature does Diplodocus 与人类分享,但很少与其他恐龙?



Fun things to do at the weekends or in the holidays to keep your family entertained.

World of the dinosaurs

Find out about some of the other creatures you would encounter if you stepped back in time to when prehistoric dinosaurs were alive in the Mesozoic Era. How was Earth different then?